I’ve made a new distro for raspberry pi. Primarily for boating, navigation, weather, hamradio, SDR

GUI is based on budgie desktop. The distro is arm32 and arm64 (two different images).

Download links are below. If you use WiFi make sure you set up wifi country per “Getting Started Guide”


Brief list of applications included:

Navigation, Instruments

OpenCPN and plugins AvNav GPSD KPlex SignalK and plugins Freeboard-SK SK Instrument Panel KIP Dashboard SKWiz Instrument Panel PyPilot BBN Launcher SK Sail Gauge XyGrib Weather GRIB Viewer App Stellarium CanBoat Sail CAD Race Instructions / Planning App Vessel Specs App ColReg Sailing Trip and Provisioning Checklist Knots JTides TukTuk chartplotter Internet

Chromium Web Browser Email Client Internet Messaging Client (Empathy) Youtube App Facebook App Internet Weather Dockwa (Mooring and Marina Booking App) NauticEd (Sailing Education) Multimedia

Mopidy Media Player with Web UI (Youtube, Local List, Internet Radio, MPD support) MusicBox (Music Player) VLC (with IP camera support) Audacious MotionEye (Cameras Control) shairport-sync (AirPlay) Radio

RTL AIS, RTL SDR, GNSS SDR Cubic SDR Flarq Fldigi GNU Radio Companion CuteSdr GPredict Gqrx Hamfax RadioFax JNX NavText JWX WeatherFax noaa-apt satellite weather PreviSat Satellite Tracker Quisk SDR multimon-ng, netcat Chirp GNU AIS Protocols

Samba (Windows Networking) CUPS (printing) VNC (remote desktop) SSH (remote shell) NMEA 0183 SocketCAN, NMEA 2000, can-utils OpenVPN (Virtual Private Networking) MQTT (Mosquitto) for IoT (to talk to Sonoff smart switches to switch on several devices like Radar, Windlass, Bow Thruster, Lights) WiFi (Access Point and Client) SignalK Seatalk 1, GPIO ModBus (to talk to Victron Venus OS, etc) Timeshift (backups), rsync PPP, wvdial, picocom for satellite modem support I2C tools 1-Wire (sensors i.e. for temperature, humidity, pressure, tank levels) LoRaWan WeatherFax NOAA Weather NavTex Inmarsat Fleet SailMail / WinLink SMS (Using Gammu) Bluetooth (File Transfer) AirPlay (via shairport-sync) Tools

Text Editor File Manager Task Manager Terminal Application Image Viewer Calculator Calendar Weather App Chess Card Game (Preferans) OnBoard touch screen keyboard Right click support on touchscreens Arduino IDE Java (OpenJDK) Python NodeJS C/C++ Compiler and Toolset Debian, NPM, PIP, Snap package managers rpi-clone (SSD cloning) Pi Imager, piclone seahorse (Password Management) Gammu (SMS Client) Timeshift (backups) Data

InfluxDB Grafana Add-ons via install scripts

QtVlm DeskPi Pro support ArgonOne case support Text-To-Speech App AnBox (experimental Android app support) Touchscreen calibration NMEA Sleuth Chromium Plugin NodeRed PACTOR SdrGlut WxToImg OS Settings Timezone Setup Change Password Predict (Satellite Tracker for scripting) Scytale-C Inmarsat Decoders Pat SailMail / WinLink Getting Started

See: https://bareboat-necessities.github.io/my-bareboat/bareboat-os.html

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