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Pen Plotter Draws Maps Directly on the Wall

For map-lovers like [Christopher Getschmann], poring over a quality map can be as satisfying as reading a good book. Good maps can be hard to come by, though, especially at a scale worth looking at, or worth using as adornment … Continue reading

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End-to-End Voice Recognition with Python

submitted by /u/alikenar [link] [comments] Read the Full Article here: >Raspberry Pi – More than just magic mirrors and kodi!

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bpytop – Awesome Linux, macOS and FreeBSD resource monitor

The bashtop is an impressive Linux resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks, and network. However, it suffers from bash itself, and cross-platform support is a nightmare. Now we have the Python port of bashtop. We … Continue reading

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ENHANCE Board Game Backpack

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