iCircuit 3D app launches as a slick virtual electronics sandbox for iPhone and iPad

Tinkerers, creators, and professionals alike will probably find this new iPhone and iPad app really compelling. iCircuit 3D offers a rich virtualized electronics sandbox making it more seamless than ever to design, test, and tweak your ideas.

Developed by Frank Krueger, iCircuit 3D launched on the App Store today for iPhone and iPad and offers what looks like a really impressive experience.

As the name suggests, the app uses a 3D UI to offer a realistic experience. And the virtual electronics sandbox features over 1,000 parts to make it easy to design and test anything you can think up.

Included here are LEDs, and switches, parameterized parts (resistors, capacitors, transistors, buzzers, speakers, motors/servos), a variety of power sources, programmable arduinos, lots of boards, and LEGO-esque building blocks, and more. You’re also getting the full symbolic iCircuit library, the ability to import images, and much more.

iCircuit 3D for iPhone and iPad goes for $14.99 on the App Store. While that may sound pricier than most apps out there, keep in mind this app will pay for itself in no time for many users and looks to be really well done.

Check out iCircuit 3D in action in the video below:

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