New Waterscope Weather app from Iconfactory is powered by NASA and NOAA data

Popular App Store developer Iconfactory has just released a new app called Waterscope Weather. However, this isn’t your typical weather app; as the developer puts it, it’s a “weather app designed for people who love being around water.”

When users open the app for the first time, they will be greeted by various graphs and symbols, which can seem a little confusing at first glance. But if you’re in the target audience of people who spend a substantial amount of time around water, these graphs will make a little more sense to you.

The first graph presented to the user shows both high and low tides for the nearest measuring station. Below that graph is a section detailing wave heights and water temperatures for the closest NOAA buoy. Moving down even further, users get wind speed and air temperature measurements from a nearby NWS weather station. There are even more things included on the main page, such as the current moon phase, but as you can see, this app is clearly information-rich.

Of course, the Weatherscope app also includes your typical weather app information, such as the current temperature. But if you participate in activities like surfing, boating, or fishing frequently, this app can serve as so much more than a weather app to you. While the information included in this app is accessible from its sources, it can be challenging to find and make sense of.

Along with the release of the new app, the developer has also made a blog post detailing the journey they took to create the complex app. You can read that here. You can also download the Waterscope Weather app for either iPhone or iPad for free here.

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