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This $80 Games Console Looks Like a Switch, But Runs Ubuntu

Dig the look of the Nintendo Switch but prefer gaming on Linux? If so, you’re gonna love the ODroid Go Super. It’s a 5-inch handheld PC built by Korean hardware company Hardkernel. They have previous form in the area of … Continue reading

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Adding Space Music To The Astronomy Toolbox

Astronomy fans were recently treated to the Great Conjunction, where Jupiter and Saturn appear close together from the perspective of our planet Earth. Astronomy has given us this and many other magnificent sights, but we can get other senses involved. … Continue reading

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New Waterscope Weather app from Iconfactory is powered by NASA and NOAA data

Popular App Store developer Iconfactory has just released a new app called Waterscope Weather. However, this isn’t your typical weather app; as the developer puts it, it’s a “weather app designed for people who love being around water.” When users … Continue reading

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Sketchmark Stencil Bookmark

 | Buy This stainless steel bookmark not only saves your place, it provides useful shapes for detailing your ideas. The sturdy stencil incorporates a protractor, compass, t-square, circle, square, and triangle bullets, isometric guides, and metric and imperial rulers. The expansion … Continue reading

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A Detailed, Track-by-Track Analysis of the Doctor Who Theme Music

Looking for the definitive guide to the original theme music for the long-running BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, composed in 1963 by Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop? Good news, there’s a website … Continue reading

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Computer-Milled Wooden Pixel Art

Link There’s software out there that can stylize images, but this technology makes images from real wood. Its algorithms compare greyscale levels between images and patterns in wood veneer, then instructs a CNC machine to cut out pieces that can … Continue reading

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ARM and X86 Team Up in No Compromise Cyberdeck

Over the last couple of years the cyberdeck community has absolutely exploded. Among those who design and build these truly personal computers there are no hard rules, save perhaps making sure the final result looks as unconventional as possible. But … Continue reading

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USB Webcams Out of Stock? Make One With A Raspberry Pi and HQ Camera Module

More people working from home has had an impact on the cost and availability of USB webcams, so [Jeff Geerling] got around the issue with a DIY solution that rang in around $100. It consists of a Raspberry Pi and … Continue reading

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POWERUP 4.0 App-Controlled Paper Plane (2-Pack)

 | Buy Take your paper airplanes to the next level. This lightweight, carbon-fiber airframe converts paper, foam, balsa, or cardboard planes into motor-driven aircraft. The companion smartphone app controls flight via Bluetooth, and can even trigger acrobatic maneuvers. Save 13% in … Continue reading

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