A ZX80 With A Proper Case

A popular project among Hackaday readers is to recreate a piece of home computing or gaming hardware from the past, and in that endeavour we’ve seen some truly amazing projects. Usually they take the form of bare PCBs or custom cases that look nothing like the original, but not [Cees Meijer]’s Sinclair ZX80 clone. It sports a 3D printed replica of the original computer’s vacuum-formed case, which from a distance you could be mistake for the real thing.

Internally it’s not a ZX80 at all, but a Raspberry Pi Zero running an emulator. But  with a case like this one that’s not the point. It doesn’t have the full-length PCB of the original but a modern ZX80 membrane keyboard, and the Pi appears to be hiding somewhere in the “hump” used by the Astec UHF modulator on the original. There is more information in a blog post, and the model can be downloaded via Thingiverse. Handily, the files also include the original CAD file from RS DesignSpark, should you wish to modify it to your own tastes. If somebody could mate it with Tynemouth Software’s ZX80 kit then our cup would run over.

Of course, this isn’t the only retrocomputer for which a replacement case can be found.

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