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Robot Spy Turtle

Link The nature film experts at John Downer Productions show off another one of their animatronic camera spies. As an eagle drone flies overhead, a robot turtle on the ground infiltrates a bale of 20,000 olive ridley sea turtles coming … Continue reading

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Update: LCARS Calendar Display – instructions and files

submitted by /u/RazzleP [link] [comments] Read the Full Article here: >Raspberry Pi – More than just magic mirrors and kodi!

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Rob Zombie Aerobics

Link Aerobics videos were one of the hallmarks of 1980s cheese. And while they might have been incredibly campy when set to Olivia Newton-John music, this video shows how they can be improved upon when the choreography lines up with … Continue reading

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Murder Hornet Action Figure

 | Buy In case you missed it, one of the many threats facing humanity (and the insect world) is the Vespa Mandarinia aka “Asian Giant Hornet” aka “Murder Hornet.” Revoltech’s RevoGeo line is offering an incredibly lifelike 7″ long plastic figure … Continue reading

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Understanding, Listening and Recording Trunked Radio Systems with an RTL-SDR and Trunk-Recorder

Trunked radio systems for voice communications can be easily found when browsing the spectrum with an SDR. Listening to a voice communication is easy, but actually following a conversation along is almost impossible to do manually. This is because in … Continue reading

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My retro weather forecast TV channel using NWS (USA) data (pic inside)

First, a picture: Ever since I saw the old school weather channel posted here, I’ve wanted to do something similar. But I’m not in Canada and I’m not very good at python, so I got stuck. I had a … Continue reading

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Construct Your Own Bayeux Tapestry with This Free Online App

A wise woman once quoth that one man’s adult coloring book is another’s Medieval Tapestry Edit. If taking crayons to empty outlines of mandalas, floral patterns, and forest and ocean scenes has failed to calm your mind, the Historic Tale Construction Kit … Continue reading

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An emulator that converts NES games into full 3D is now on Steam

Emulators have finally arrived on Steam – and they’ve landed on Valve’s storefront with a bang. This week, developers Geod Studios brought their long-running NES emulator 3DSen PC to Steam. The twist? This virtual console turns old-school pixel pushers – … Continue reading

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A Raspberry Pi as a decent residential proxy #RaspberryPi #Networking #PiDay @Raspberry_Pi

A great use for a Raspberry Pi as a residential proxy server from WiringBits: One of our projects uses web-scraping to scan several online stores to find discounts. Lately, we started supporting some stores that seem to block requests coming … Continue reading

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How to Enable Offline Chat Communications Over Wi-Fi with an ESP32

PirateBox is a great way to communicate with others nearby when cellular and Wi-Fi networks aren’t available. With it, you can anonymously share any kind of media or document and even talk to one another by voice — without being … Continue reading

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