Chromium OS r80 for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4

Greetings from FydeOS team.

We have just released an updated build of Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi, supporting Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4. Highlights of this release:

  • Updated Chromium OS platform to release-R80-12739.B
  • Manage your Pi devices via Google Chrome Device Management console. (Sold separately by Google)
  • Configure it to run as "kiosk mode" so it boots straight into a pre-configured web app and with all other OS interface hidden.
  • All other usual benefits of Chromium OS and Chromium browser.

Please note that this is Chromium OS, the blue-bluer-bluest open-sourced toy that you can see every single line of the code and build your own.


Project page with a detailed guidebook to building your own:

Release page to download prebuilt images:

To get help:

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