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A Few GOES Reception Tips and Info on Receiving EMWIN Data

Thank you to Carl Reinemann for writing in and sharing his website that contains a few tips that he’s learned when setting up an RTL-SDR based receiver for GOES 16/17 weather satellite image reception.  As well as the tips, he’s uploaded a … Continue reading

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How to Enable Startup Boot Sound Chime on Newer Macs

Want to re-enable the startup boot chime sound effect on a new Mac? You can do that with a command line string entered into the Macs Terminal. As you may know, new Macs default to not making a startup boot … Continue reading

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Pi Cam Replaces Pinhole and Film for Digital Solargraphy

Solargraph from a one-year exposure on film. Elekes Andor / CC BY-SA Have you ever heard of solargraphy? The name tells you much of what you need to know, but the images created with a homemade pinhole camera and a … Continue reading

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Beat Your Coat Hangers into Antennas, Not Plowshares

If you are looking for a fun project while you are cooped up and you have some spare coathangers, why not try this 4-element Yagi antenna (PDF)? [Pete N8PR] showed it off at his local ham radio club and it … Continue reading

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DIY License Plate Reader #RaspberryPI #MachineLearning #Yolo3 #Keras @robertlchiriac

Robert Lucian Chiriac’s article describes a DIY device using ML to predict license plates in real-time.   Earlier this year Rober Lucian Chiriac wrote about creating a DIY device that can recognize and read license plates. The plate reader utilizes … Continue reading

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10 amazing Raspberry Pi audio projects

We like yelling at our digital home assistant thing to skip the track it’s currently playing. It feels very Star Trek. Sometimes it’s more dramatic to wave the music away – just like with the Wavepad. This radio reads out … Continue reading

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Off Chutes EDC Pouches

 | Buy Ashland, Oregon’s Bamboo Chutes handmakes colorful bags, wallets, and other accessories using recycled parachute and paraglider fabric. Among their selection are various pouches for carrying tools, lighters, flashlights, credit cards, and other small items. Read the Full Article here: … Continue reading

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[P] A chrome extension that turns every Instagram feed into 3d images using 3D Photo Inpainting

Project: A chrome extension that adds depth parallax (an effect similar to Facebook 3D photos) on images from instagram profile pages. It uses 3d-photo-inpainting running in Colab (free GPU) and Cloud pubsub/storage for communication. Original paper: 3D Photography using … Continue reading

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VirtIO-FS Support Is In QEMU 5.0 For Better File/Folder Sharing Between Hosts And VMs

Added back in Linux 5.4 was the VirtIO-FS file-system driver as a a FUSE-framework-based file-system implementation designed for guest to/from host file-system sharing for VirtIO para-virtualized devices. Now with QEMU 5.0 VirtIO-FS is supported on its side. VirtIO-FS offers … Continue reading

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It’s Here: Ubuntu 20.04 is Now Available to Download!

It’s Out — Ubuntu 20.04 is Now Available to Download! VIDEO Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is now available to download, six (rather hectic) months after development on the new release first started. This is the final, stable release of Ubuntu 20.04, … Continue reading

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